Medical Director

Dr. J. Frederic Templeman

More than 15 years of experience dedicated to Mangosteen

  • Primary care physician currently licensed and board certified both in U.S. and Canada
  • Dr. Templeman is a board member of several research companies active in the field of Natural Products

  • Dr. Templeman is sought worldwide as a lecturer and has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people on three continents.

Frequently asked questions

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Does Mangosteen help you lose weight?2023-05-08T18:58:57+00:00

Yes, its anti-inflammatory properties promote fat metabolism and prevent weight gain—inflammation results in insulin resistance, which leads to fat accumulation in the body. Inflammation also harms leptin functioning of the body. Leptin is the hormone that signals the brain about when to eat and the quantity to be consumed.

Is Mangosteen good for high blood pressure?2023-05-08T18:58:08+00:00

Yes, Mangosteen has a lot of potassium, copper, magnesium, and manganese, which keeps the blood pressure in check. Potassium, in particular, counteracts the harmful effects of excessive salt consumption (sodium). Mangosteen also lowers cholesterol levels in the body, which controls blood pressure.

Are there any potential side effects of Mangosteen?2023-05-08T18:49:48+00:00

Eating too much of this delicious fruit can sometimes do more harm than good;

  • May slow down Blood Clotting
  • May cause Lactic Acidosis
  • May cause Gastrointestinal Issues
  • May cause Sedation
  • May cause Complications During Pregnancy
What does Mangosteen do for the body?2023-05-08T18:51:53+00:00

The primary active components in Mangosteen are Xanthone and vitamins. In addition, it has many medicinal properties. It possesses anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-microbial and anti-malarial properties. The antioxidant in Mangosteen fights the free radicals present in our bodies. Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system and is beneficial for the skin.

What are some of the illnesses that Mangosteen can cure?2023-05-08T18:52:56+00:00

Mangosteen can cure diarrhoea, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and gonorrhoea. Furthermore, it cures thrush, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, cancer, osteoarthritis, and an intestinal infection called dysentery. It also stimulates the immune system and improves mental health.

Is Mangosteen good for the heart?2023-05-08T18:54:10+00:00

Yes, its anti-inflammatory nature prevents the risk of stroke and heart attack. Therefore, it effectively reduces heart disease risk factors like LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides. But, at the same time, it increases HDL or good cholesterol.

Research Resources

Do your own Mangosteen research

We encourage everyone to learn more about what we consider to be one of the most underutilized natural gift from nature that is changing millions of lives by improving their quality of health around the world.

  • More than 2,200 research papers and articles published on the Mangosteen and it’s related medicinal properties

  • According to Google Scholar — 284 articles were published in the last year alone

Real-life results

Mangosteen Testimonials

Yvonne, my wife started taking Mangosteen about 3-1/2 weeks ago. She has much more energy now, and also has no more arthritis pain in her hands and fingers. The eczema she has had since childhood has completely cleared up.

Happy husband

I had an infection in my mouth after having a tooth out and took [Mangosteen], I WAS A BIT SCEPTICAL however the next day the swelling and pain went away and the redness vanished. I am  impressed.


Dee Dee

A friend of mine has a 10-year-old who was diagnosed with Crohn’s. She was taking 6 pills 3 times a day. One was a steroid, which made her gain weight and the kids at school started to tease her.

Now the only thing she uses is [Mangosteen]. She started out with one ounce a day the first week, 2 ounces the second week, and now she takes 3 ounces a day.

Last time I spoke with them, she had already lost 6 pounds and she does not complain of any pain.

Elaine B.

Freedom from so many prescribed drugs in 30 days made me feel 10 years younger!


Evan Hoffman

I have so much more mobility and energy than I have had in the past ten years! I had been lactose intolerant since 1992. Products with lactose in them no longer bother me. My digestive problems are tremendously improved!

“All my friends have noticed the miraculous improvement in my health and have asked me ‘What has happened? I tell them [Mangosteen] came into my life!


Artie L.

I had the following experience in April of 2003. After breaking my ankle, I drank a whole bottle of juice throughout the day and another bottle the next day. I followed that up with a third bottle over the next several days and then regular amounts of Xango each day. I had no pain and very little swelling, if any, that I could tell. I took my bottle of Xango with me to the doctor’s office. The doctor wrote a prescription for pain medication, which I never had to purchase because I had no pain. I saw him about two weeks later, and when I unwrapped my ankle it was as small as my good one. He was a little shocked. His comment was, “This looks a lot better than I expected it would be.” And two days after breaking my ankle, I drove to Texas, spending over 27 hours on the road (due to a snowstorm in the mountains west of Denver), sleeping about a half-hour during the trip. I had the boot on for only about three weeks, compared to the typical six weeks. It was more in my way than anything else and much more of a nuisance than my injured ankle. Needless to say, I am delighted with [Mangosteen] and with not having experienced any pain once I got my body saturated that first hour or so I would not be without it. I had been taking [Mangosteen] since November the previous year, but upped the dosage immediately when I broke my ankle. If I had not done so, I might not have had the tremendous results I had. I didn’t want to take any chances of feeling any pain or deal with swelling.

Connie T.

I have used [Mangosteen] many times in the past and found it to maintain my health. Got rid of my issues of acid reflux, poor circulation, skin condition, energy and my aunt’s pain with Rheumatoid arthritis and my mother’s bad inflammation in her knees. Used the WHOLE fruit as well as many other fruits so I know that even though a product is mixed, it can work but you have to use enough of it to get the proper amount of the XANTHONES to counteract  issues.

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