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Dr. J. Frederic Templeman is a licensed MD in the state of Utah with previous experience in Canada and abroad. For more than 15 years Dr. Templeman has been the primary medical advocate in promoting the health benefits of the Mangosteen fruit and its associated Xanthones.

Mangosteen = the Queen of Fruits

Scientific Evidence

Numerous scientific studies have provided compelling evidence supporting the use of mangosteen for various health benefits.

Whole Body Healing

Mangosteen has been found to contain a unique combination of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that can contribute to whole body healing by reducing inflammation, fighting oxidative stress, and supporting the immune system.”

Xanthone Power

Xanthones have a unique chemical structure that enables them to scavenge free radicals and modulate various signaling pathways in the body, which may explain their potent therapeutic potential.

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Real-life science loves the Mangosteen fruit and associated Xanthones

The number of scientific papers published with reference to mangosteen and its associated xanthones is constantly increasing, but as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there were over 1,800 scientific papers indexed on PubMed, a database of biomedical literature, that include the keywords “mangosteen” and “xanthones” in their titles or abstracts.

It is worth noting that this number may have increased since then as more research is conducted on the potential health benefits of mangosteen and its bioactive compounds.

  • Alpha-mangostin is perhaps the most well-known and extensively studied xanthone found in mangosteen.
  • Mangosteen also contains other xanthones, such as gamma-mangostin, beta-mangostin, and mangostinone.

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Real-life results

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Back Pain & Disk Problems


I suffer from degenerative disk disease. I had constant very painful throbbing back pain and no amount of Motrin would help. When I finally went to the doctor I found out about the disks in my back. They told me exercises would help and I could take steroid injections. I didn’t want take take steroids. Then my wife heard about Mangosteen and talked me into trying it. After about two weeks I notices I had little to no pain in my back! After running out and not taking any for several weeks the pain came back. I started taking it again and haven’t stopped. After several years I went back to have my back checked again and it was healed but the doctor said it wasn’t worse.


Alicia Regnier

Gout & Cholesterol


I referred the juice to a friend with gout walking with 2 canes, swollen hands and feet, in absolute agony. He said he felt a lot better, no canes and very little pain. I ate the fruit for 1 month 2x a day. Cholesterol was 290 after 2nd (fasting 14hrs) labs Cholesterol was 244, nothing else changed ??????? Taste good and refreshing.

Brenda Bird

Arthritis & Pain


I have used Mangosteen for 25 years, I will never “not” use it. It is like a miracle in a bottle for me. My arthritis was so bad I had trouble getting in and out of my truck. After about 3 months I realized I had no more pain in my body. If you can ever get the fruit it is amazing. I use it daily and at age 76 I am still working, have almost no grey hair and people guess my age at 50. I personally feel this is the fountain of youth.

Shirlene DeSantis

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