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Liaison with university researchers investigating the Mangosteen is a top priority for Mangosteen MD and doctor Templeman has traveled to every continent to do so.

These activities, and visits to examine the traditional use of the fruit in countries where it is grown and treasured, permit our doctors to remain at the forefront of progress in discovering the worldwide secrets of the Mangosteen.

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Mangosteen User Testimonials

I’ve been on dialysis for 10 1/2 years. For about eight years, I wasn’t able to sleep more than three hours a night, and so I was always very tired and restless. In July, dialysis had taken its toll on my body. I was tired all the time and just constantly sick with one thing or another. I was introduced to Xango in late September. That day I had a bad headache and was actually contemplating going to the emergency room, because I felt like I was ready to collapse. My friend gave me a bottle; what was there to lose? I decided to take 1 ounce of Xango, and what happened to me was amazing. My headache and body ache went away, and I slept for about eight hours that night.

Diana P.

I started on [Mangosteen] Tuesday evening. By Friday evening, I had no evidence of my atopic dermatitis or eczema! Hurray! Now, my eczema is of recent onset. It showed up in December 2002. Prior to that I’d only had short occasional bouts with it, requiring no visits to the doctor. This time I finally went to the physician and received a prescription for Eucerin and a corticosteroid. I decided not to fill it, because I learned of [Mangosteen] that day. I thought I’d see if [Mangosteen] could help the eczema, and it did!

Ellen R.

I used to get three to four severe migraines a month. I’ve been getting these since I was 10 years old. These were the full-blown aura-and-vomit-inducing kind. Some would last for days. I’ve been to many doctors, and nobody has a definite answer to it. The only response that all of them had has been to prescribe some medication, and that was that. I have grown up watching my mother suffer from these same migraines. She is frequently in the hospital emergency room or self-inducing Imitrex shots. I decided a long time ago that I would not take medications. They are not the solution. Two months ago I was introduced to a product called [Mangosteen]. Since then I have not had a single episode. I had my mother start taking [Mangosteen] as well, and she has not had one since either.

Brett T.

 I can honestly say that [Mangosteen] has changed my life. Many people I have contact with through the natural-health clinic I manage have noticed that I “look different”. I can only attest to what I have been told by family and friends. They have noticed, for example, the texture of the skin on my face is more relaxed and what a couple of people have termed as “glowing”. My husband tells me I am more relaxed, and I feel happier within myself.

Melanie W.

I have a bunch of health issues including lots of pain and unable to take any pain meds due to a liver condition, I suffer every day, since getting back on [Mangosteen] I wake each morning with less and less pain, my blood pressure is staying down and my blood sugars are also staying at a normal level. I would highly recommend this product for everyone regardless of  health condition. You won’t know just how good you can feel until you try it.

Mark K.

I have taking [Mangosteen] for quite a few years now and the benefits are many. Anti inflammatory is tops. Digestive system and immune system. It works!

Diane J.

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